Meticulously scultped and designed for tastebud pleasure. This product is aimed at all sugar lovers especially the little fellows. Its name, "Montad", means blimp in Arabic which is a reference to the ginormous bubbles you can blow. Enjoy its taste along with its beautiful bubbles now!


Flavors: Strawberry, Orange, Banana, Blackberry, Cola, Fruits, Watermelon, Ice cream and Cheesecake.

Boxes per Carton: 12
Packets per Box: 24
Pieces per Packet: 5/4*
Net Weight (Packet): 20/15 g*
Dimensions of Carton (cm) L x W x H: 29.5 x 17.5 x 15
Gross Weight (Carton): 6.5 kg

*Depending on order.