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In the year 1950 Mr.Mounir Al-Akrami established SEHAM FOOD STUFF CO.
according to the industrial record No.2 in Damascus city ; Syrian Capital , the company started producing the Gum in very hard circumstances.

In the year 2000 SEHAM FOOD STUFF Co. is one of the greatest Gum producers
in Syria and Arab region. And expand its business in the field of printing.

The products of SEHAM FOOD STUFF Co. are produced among the standard
Syrian and International specifications, these products are produced through modern and accurate producing lines.

The products had a great demand in the local market since its first appearance.
Today the marketing field of SEHAM FOOD STUFF Co. Expanded to cover more international markets.

The reputation and popularity that SEHAM FOOD STUFF Co. made is a result of the management concentration on high quality which was approved in the local and international exhibitions the company used to expanding its marketing field through it.

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